Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Entry Level Glamazon | 3 Ways to Stay Fabulous on a Budget

As I lounge with my feet resting on my IKEA coffee table [$25], sipping Trader Joe’s Pinot Grigio  [$3], from my IKEA wine glass [$1], I can’t help but think about the importance of remaining stylish on a budget. Though I’m a proud member of the employed-recent-college-grad club, living in New York City is still extremely difficult and my entry level income just barely covers it. It’s a constant battle to remain financially responsible while refusing to lose my sense of style. Cheap and Tasteful are not mutually exclusive. These are my rules for staying on trend and under budget. 


I know it’s hard to walk past those blazing SALE signs in H&M’s windows but try to resist! Don’t waste money on clothing that is borderline disposable. Stores like H&M & Forever21 are also so on trend that the items you buy there will be out of fashion before you get to the end of the checkout line. I must admit – I have found myself scouring through racks at H&M desperately searching for basics like soft well-fitting tees and light airy summer dresses, but I know none of these items will last through the season  or even through a laundry cycle. Look to stores like Nordstrom Rack, Century 21 or DSW for pieces that will stay with you without ruining your credit score. If the prices at stores like that are too much, even going to a store like TJ Max or Marshalls gives you a better chance at finding a high quality piece. You should also keep a look out for upcoming sample sales at your favorite stores.  


If there's a particular item that you're absolutely in love with, don't commit to buying it on the spot. Get the item name and SKU # and hit the internet!  I fell in love with a pair of Dolce Vita clogs - pictured here on my instagram -at a sample sale (see rule above). The shoes were already half off their nearly $300 price so if they had my size, I would have bought them - unfortunately, they didn't.  I got all of the information from the shoe box and a year later I found them on Amazon for $50. That's a whopping 80% off! I realize its hard but with a little bit of research and a whole lot of patience, you might be able to find that piece you loved at a rediculously low price! 


I would find it nearly impossible to stick to my rules if I didn't indulge on occasion. Be sure to budget in rewards for good behavior. I always make sure to set aside enough money for my bi weekly  bi monthly Mani-Pedi. Pampering myself keeps me feeling sane, beautiful and confident. If a time based reward doesn't interest you, save your money for this season's it bag or the newest iThingy. Whatever it is, splurge responsibly and always guilt free.

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